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Daily work in the vineyard, in contact with our plants, observing, understanding and respecting nature,
interacting with nature in a spirit of humility: for us, this is the meaning of wine-making.

FEDARDO Fronte (1)

FEDARDO DOC Vinsanto del Chianti

€ 27,00


Product Description


Trebbiano and Malvasia Bianca 

For our “holy wine” we use our 50 years old vineyard to bring you the tradition from the depth of the soil into the bottle. The grapes were harvested with low hills on the pick of their phenolic maturation. Only the best clusters were selected to produce our Fedardo. 

After the harvest the grapes were hang to dry for 4 months to extract the sugar and the aroma compounds. Then the dried grapes were softly pressed and the must was transferred to small 100 liter oak barrels for 5 years fermentation and maceration process. This traditional technique brings the wine unique character.

The wine has a deep amber color with a golden rim. It shows an endless bouquet of almonds, dried fruits, orange peel and Indian spices. A full mouth, creamy texture bursting with caramel, almonds, dried fruit and a finishing with a surprising citrus acidity.
Fedardo wants you to enjoy it right now – and it will fascinate you in a decade as well.

A secret recommend with cantuccini (the typical Italian almond-biscuits) which were dipped into the wine before eating. An allurement which earns seriously the name “Vin Santo” (holy wine).
A sweet wine for enjoying on its own or paired with matured cheeses or herbal cheese.

Drinking temperature: 9 – 10 degrees

analytical data:
alcohol 13,5 %
total acidity 5,20 g/l
sugar 109 g/l
pH 3,35