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Daily work in the vineyard, in contact with our plants, observing, understanding and respecting nature,
interacting with nature in a spirit of humility: for us, this is the meaning of wine-making.

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DAPHNÉ IGT Bianco Toscano

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90% Trebbiano Toscano and 10% Malvasia Bianca

The indigenious Trebbiano Toscano grapes were harvested at the end of September not before they were fully ripened.
Low hills and selection of the clusters provided high quality grapes for our Daphné.

Have you ever heard about a white wine that was made like a red wine?
Differently from other whites our Daphné was fermented for 3 – 5 days with all the grape must. This technique builds more structure and more flavor complexity to the wine.
Natural fermentation continues on steel vats and then the wine is transferred to mature with the yeast cells (Sur-lies on the fine yeast) in 500 liter new French oak barrels (tonneaux) for enrich the wine complexity and to give it its special color.
For showing its full potential the Daphné was made without artificial additives and without filtration.

Daphné is unique!
Presents itself in a golden color with a golden rim. Striking with aroma of fresh herbs, pears, delicate vanilla and with fresh wood on the background. A mouth full of complexity reveals striking mineral, pear, fruit, wild flowers and a long citrus finish.
Daphné is a wine to explore!

Thanks to its complexity, Daphné can be savored with food which usually require red wine. It’s a jewel with truffles or spicy Indian / Asian food and balances the pungent flavors of the dishes harmoniously with its characters. Delicious also with foie gras, red meat or matured cheeses.
Drinking temperature: 9 – 10 degrees

analytical data:
alcohol 13,6 %
total acidity 4,12 g/l
pH 3,67

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